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Custom Concrete Made Sinks
CUSTOM MADE CONCRETE SINKSCustom made concrete sinks are all the buzz right now. With many commercial businesses and residential homes taking on a ...
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Custom Concrete Sinks
CUSTOM CONCRETE SINK CHOICESWhen deciding on a custom concrete sink, you have 3 main decisions to make and consider.Styles – Integrated/ VesselFunc...
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Custom Concrete Design | Finding The Passion
CUSTOM CONCRETE DESIGN AND SCULPTINGI grew up using my hands. Creating and honing my own personal style of traditional woodworking. Beginning with ...
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Understanding Concrete
"Our attention to detail, expertise and ability to capture our client's vision is what allows us to bring each piece from inspiration to fruition. ...
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The Slurry Process Of GFRC Concrete
WHAT IS SLURRY:This weeks blog post is about the slurry process of GFRC concrete . Here at Modern Concrete our mission is to create beaut...
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GFRC Concrete Process
GFRC CONCRETE & CONCRETE COUNTERTOP PROCESSModern Concrete creates its countertops and other products using a superior GFRC concrete &...
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