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I grew up using my hands. Creating and honing my own personal style of traditional woodworking. Beginning with home framing, I was inspired to think outside the box and ultimately turned to concrete. With concrete being the foundation of our homes, it too, became the base for my work.

Traditionally, I trained and assisted in teaching at the Windsor Institute, where I learned the art of Hand Made Windsor chairs under direction and stewardship of Michael Dunbar, now retired. I also trained alongside Donald Dunlap, a sixth generation cabinet maker from Antrim New Hampshire, shaping my unique style. While I grew in traditional wood working, I grew to love the simplicity of modern design, pieces and the minimalist style. There are infinite possibilities when creating your own personal taste. That's when I found my love for concrete. I was working on a custom deck for a high-end landscape contractor in Newton, Massachusetts, when the concept of a concrete countertop grill station arose and was spec'd for the project. That's when I discovered the incredible beauty, function and allowable creativity that Artisan concrete allows. At first I was like "Concrete !?. You mean like sidewalks ?" But the more I learned the more excited I got.


I started learning everything I could about Artisan concrete. That very week I found out that a weekend introductory class was being held at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School using the traditional "wet cast" method. So I went, along with my wife Kelly. As a side note, my wife Kelly may not show up a lot in this story at the beginning, but she has always been there. Supporting, encouraging, getting her hands dirty and pushing me along until the right time to join me on the front line. She doesn't boast about it but she has amazing talent, an incredible work ethic and a real eye for design and color. So as I was saying, we spent an awe inspiring weekend creating with concrete that first weekend at Yestermorrow. Learning mold making, casting, coloring, sealing and countless other information on Artisan concrete. I read Concrete Countertops by Fu-Tung Chen, Making Concrete Countertops by Buddy Rhodes. Trained at the Concrete Design School where I learned about fabric forming and worked with several other well-known concrete artisans and attended several specialty training courses over the last 7 years.

Since my "discovery" of concrete, I, along with my family and my wife's encouragement, relocated to the sunny South East Coast of Florida in February of 2017 to follow my dream and passion. Initially, I worked in a small studio, building our reputation, portfolio and client base. Now with a studio in Lake Park, FL., we have worked with concrete to produce everything from incredible 3D wall tiling to outdoor furniture consisting of concrete couches, tables & chairs. From bathroom sinks & vanities, kitchen countertops and lighting to bartops & fire tables (fire pits). Our work not only consists of concrete but includes the use and implementation of metal and wood. When a client orders a dining table with a metal base for instance, we can and do, create the base as well. From selecting the steel to cutting & welding to powder coating. If a wood base is required, we create that as well.

In the beginning of our move to Florida my wife served and taught at our children's school (Trinity Christian School of the Palm Beaches) in the preschool grades. At night and on the weekends she assisted me with completing pieces, design and many other various duties that started to become overwhelming for a sole Artisan. Last summer my wife Kelly joined our family business full time. She has been an incredible asset to not only our business from a studio standpoint but more importantly for our clients. Her insight and artistic eye and style has been invaluable for every project. Along with her passion to create new ways of doing things, to her intuitive design ideas and just plain Yankee work ethic, she has helped us continue to grow and inspire and more importantly, continue to grow as a true family business.

Our work has allowed us to develop incredible trade relationships & friendships and truly bless others through our passion. Certain projects have forced us to think outside the proverbial box not only in design but in mold making, material choices and even delivery and install. Over the last 7 years we've gained incredible knowledge both through training & doing, continued education and through client feedback. It's inspired us to grow as artisans and as the individuals God has created us to be. Through our passion for fine craftsmanship and skill and our client's vision we are happy to undertake anything they can they –YOU- can imagine.

And with Concrete – Anything is Possible!

Written By

James Clark

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