Custom Made Concrete Sinks

Custom made concrete sinks are all the buzz right now. With many commercial businesses and residential homes taking on a more industrial aesthetic in their architectural design, this trend has only one place to go: Up!!!

Mod Concrete is one of the leading designers of custom-made concrete sinks. Their designs are bold, innovative, and have several applications. If you're going for that industrial cold stone appearance for your office space or commercial business, Mod Concrete will be able to make that happen. If you're looking for a simple, minimalist visualization for your house, condo, or apartment, Mod Concrete has you covered.

Mod's designs are – for lack of better words – elegant and beautiful. Nothing is molded; each piece they do is carefully and masterfully crafted to make sure that it meets the needs and measurements of every installation they complete. Some designs are rather simple while others are more ornate.

Custom Made Concrete Sinks

Each piece is custom-made, meaning that the crew at Mod works with each client individually to make sure that they get the right look and feel of the sink detailed on paper before any slurry goes into the mixer. And speaking of slurry, let's not forget that Mod uses a proprietary blend that makes the concrete they work with be both aesthetically pleasing as well as rock solid artistry.

If you are in the greater Miami area – whether in the process of building new commercial property or residential property, or you're simply renovating an existing property, then make sure to look at Mod Concrete for all of your custom-made concrete sink needs. Not only will their designs make your property stand out as cutting edge, it will give your property a modern look and feel that can only come from them.

For any additional frequently asked questions (FAQs) or to contact Mod, go to Make sure to make yours Mod!