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Plant in glass vase on table.

Did you know!? At mod design studio we don't just work with concrete. While concrete is our main medium with also work with wood, steel, aluminum, epoxy, live edge slabs, glass and many other materials. 

One of the great functionalities of concrete is that it blends effortlessly with other materials, each complimenting the other. The materials we use to blend with concrete depend on the overall design and location of the finished piece. Each material also adds a dimension that is keenly exclusive.

If you are looking for a modern or minimalist dining table then you might want to consider a design that incorporates a powder coated steel frame or base with a concrete top. If the dining table is going to be used outdoors , although we typically recommend an all concrete table, then we can deign a powder coated base that's made out of structural aluminum to be weather and corrosion resistant.

If you wanted to add some warmth to your space you could consider a live edge wood top with a powder coated steel or concrete base. Color also matters. The base and top colors of a dining table can dramatically change the look and feel of a piece and the space its in. And occasionally, your design may not even include concrete. 

Each and every piece is artfully created by us for you and/ or your client in our studio, making the design possibilities endless. It also allows us to have total control over the quality of each piece. Great care given to design process, fabrication and finish of each heirloom piece. Our heirloom pieces are personalized to suit your design & functional needs and deliver a piece of furniture you'll love for generations. 

To put it simply, if you want the highest quality pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional, you've come to the right studio 

At Mod Design Studio we're passionate about not just reaching, but surpassing your highest expectations.

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James Clark

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