Understanding Concrete

"Our attention to detail, expertise and ability to capture our client's vision is what allows us to bring each piece from inspiration to fruition. The old adage is "Buy Once, Cry Once." Don't trust your dreams with just anybody who claims to be an expert. Read our reviews and contact us today to discuss your heirloom piece."

Understanding Concrete Designs, Unfortunately due to the popularity of concrete in recent years there's a lot of misinformation concerning creating with concrete. While it is possible to literally buy a bag of Portland Cement from your local hardware store, mix it with water and create something using some sort of make shift mold or bowl, will it last? Will it stand up to the test of time, will the finish be what you expect? How about sealing? Will it repel water or be a catch all for bacteria? While you can create with cement right out of the bag, typically most who try do not achieve the results they envision or desire.


Enter your trained Concrete Artisan. This is the person who can take you from vision to creation to install. A few things you want to look for are knowledge of the product, training, construction knowledge, length of time in the Art and a design eye. A trained Concrete Artisan will have over 5 years of experience (actually creating pieces) and training or instruction under the supervision of other experts in the field. Thereby hopefully, if that artisan is actually good at what he does, deeming that Artisan and Expert. This is also according to the theory published by Malcolm Gladwell in his book Outliers. In his book he states research shows that the to become an expert in your field you need 10,000 ( 40hrs x 52weeks x 5years = 10,400 hours ) of actual practice doing what you claim to be an expert at. So if you plan on buying a bag of cement and watching a few Youtube videos and then creating something with the expectations it will be as nice a piece created by an expert, you will be sorely disappointed. And don't expect any better results from your local "handyman".

At Mod Concrete Studio we strive to not only continue to get better by doing, we also continue to train, read, experiment and listen to feedback from our clients. I personally have been doing concrete for over 7 years since I discovered my passion for concrete. Designing, Creating, and installing concrete pieces ranging from something as simple as concrete drink coasters to large outdoor concrete couches. I've learned my craft from Master Instructors, on the job experience when I did flat work & sidewalks to having to redo pieces that failed either in the studio or unfortunately at a client's home. But most importantly, I've learned from creating for 8-10 hours a day for the last 7 years. Couple that with my traditional woodworking experience, internships for handcrafting handmade Windsor chairs and furniture, to training in welding has given me a vast expanse of knowledge to pull from for each client's project. That training and my experiences in the construction industry has allowed me to become an expert. Being able to foresee potential setbacks or design considerations in some projects has saved some of our client's considerable time and money.

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James Clark

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