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Modern Concrete Design Studio specializes in the design and handcrafted fabrication of outdoor furniture, concrete game tables, outdoor grill stations, concrete planters, fire pits and tables, wall tiles, exterior architectural cladding, indoor/outdoor furniture, and many other quality concrete products.


Through our unique process, using the latest design mix and sealing procedure in the industry, we strive for perfection. Merging form and function together in each piece. At the same time, being ecologically conscious in our methods. Clients are guaranteed the highest quality pieces that are aesthetically pleasing and functional.


James Clark

ARTISAN & Founder


Born and raised in New England, James grew up using his hands to create and hone-in on his personal style of traditional woodworking. Beginning with home framing, he was inspired to think outside the box and ultimately turned to concrete. With concrete being the foundation of our homes, it too, became the base for his work and craft.

Traditionally, James trained at the Windsor Institute, where he worked training in the art of Handmade Windsor chairs. He also trained alongside Donald Dunlap, a sixth generation cabinet maker from Antrim New Hampshire, shaping his unique style. While James grew in traditional woodworking, he grew to love the simplicity of modern design and the minimalist style. He believes there are infinite possibilities when designing for personal taste. That's when James found his love for concrete. 


He was working with a high-end landscape contractor in Newton, Massachusetts when the concept of a concrete countertop grill station arose. He discovered the incredible beauty, function, and creative flexibility that concrete allows and started learning everything he could about finished architectural concrete.


James read Concrete Countertops by Fu-Tung Chen, Making Concrete Countertops by Buddy Rhodes. Trained at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School with "wet cast" as well as the Concrete Design School where he learned about fabric forming and worked with several other well-known concrete artisans and attended several specialty training courses.


Since his discovery of concrete, James, along with his family, relocated to the sunny South East Coast of Florida to follow his dream and passion and launched Modern Concrete Design Studio.

Kelly Clark

artisan & Founder


When Kelly and James first moved their family to Florida, Kelly served and taught at their children's school. At night and on weekends, she assisted with completing pieces, designing, and other duties at the studio. Eventually, Kelly became a full-time artisan and is a driving force in the success of the studio today.

As James points out, "Kelly has been an incredible asset to our business from a studio standpoint, as well as for our clients. Her insight, artistic eye, and style has been invaluable for every project. Along with her passion to create new ways of doing things, her intuitive design ideas, and just plain Yankee work ethic, Kelly has kept us inspired and growing as a true family business."


The partnership and work has allowed them to develop incredible trade relationships and friendships, as well as bless others through their passion. Certain projects have forced them to think outside the proverbial box not only in design but also in mold making, material choices, delivery, and install. 


Kelly puts it this way, "Over the last seven years, we've gained incredible knowledge through training and doing, continued education, and client feedback. It has inspired us to grow as artisans and as the individuals God has created us to be. Through our passion for fine craftsmanship and skill, and our clients' vision, we're happy to undertake anything that anyone can imagine!"

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